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Installation Instructions 

1. All installation tapcons in the sill/bottom of the window must be sealed using the following method:

  • Using a hammer drill and 3/16” masonry bit, drill through the pre-punched holes in the sill into the concrete/wood buck.

  • Remove the wood or concrete dust using a vacuum or brush.

  • Apply enough urethane chalking into the hole, so that the chalking fills both the hole in the aluminum and concrete/wood buck (typically one trigger pull on your chalking gun).

  • Using a #3 Philips bit and a screw gun, run the tapcon into the hole.

  • Make sure the urethane chalk seals all the way around the tapcon.

  • If shimming is needed between the bottom of the window and the wood buck, insert the shim between the bottom of the frame and the wood buck before drilling 5.

2. If there is a gap between the window frame and the wood buck.

  • Shims must be used to prevent distorting the aluminum window frame when tightening the tapcon. Distorting/bowing the window frame will affect the proper operation of the window.

  • To ensure the shims do not become loose, run the tapcon through the shim when installing each tapcon.

  • Use a razor knife to trim the excess shim after tightening the tapcon.

3. To seal around the exterior perimeter of the window.

  • Use urethane chalking.

  • Make sure to apply the chalking thick enough to prevent cracking. Usually about ½" wide and ¼" in depth.

4. If joining multiple windows together using a mull bar.

  • Make sure to seal the window flange to the mull bar using 100% clear silicone.

5. Make sure to add tapcons to all factory-drilled installation screw holes and install all plastic sash guides.

Download Instructions Here

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