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Today's Florida Window Market ...

"It will be a minimum of 28 weeks to get your windows."

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Many window customers are hearing these explanations and don't know where to turn.

"We can't get materials nor accessories from our suppliers so we can't make windows." 

"Sorry, due to a back-log of orders we are not accepting any new customers."

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Price increase because of market conditions
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It is true.  The world supply chain has been broken, and there is no quick fix to the problem.

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Protected home with impact resistant windows

Act NOW and protect your home and loved ones from hurricanes and would-be intruders.

Why are we the best choice? 

We are the factory so you receive factory-direct prices.

Aluminum symbol. High quality aluminum windows frames

We maintain high levels of inventory.

We have a secure and consistent  supply chain due to strong relationships with suppliers.

We have standard sizes in stock and quick turn-around time on custom sizes.

Our sales team is ready and happy to assist you with any questions you might have. 

We have available the next impact-resistant windows models:

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Impact Reisistant Window single hung half open
Impact Resistant Windows Single Hung Full View White Frame Clear Glass
Impact Resistant Windows Single Hung Colonial White Frame Tint Glass
Impact Resistant Windows Single Hung Brittany White Frame Bronze Glass

Single Hung

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Standard sizes in stock

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Color Glass
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Color Frame

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Just order, pay and pick to go.

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Pick icon. Pick windows directly from the windows supplier

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High quality products, products in stocks, best prices, wonderful customer service, the best on the best windows and doors ♡♡♡♡

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